-[ More food, please! ]-

After the AMVs were over, we decided to go to Denny's again. But outside of the video room, we saw the Manji guy again! I had to play with his weapons. He really did make a whole bunch of them. Here's the back of the Manji costume. I don't know the guy's name, but I remember he dressed up as Asura (Samurai Spirits) last year. Rei-kun and I had both taken off part of our costume cause it was so hot in that video room. Here's Mika biting Rei-kun's arm. I also finally got to get a pic of D-kun's Hakkai costume!

We went back to our rooms to change out of our costumes, except Mika, Sovath, and Phil, who kept theirs on. Then it was Denny's time, again! D-kun changed his mind and didn't want to go, and the rest of us walked to the close Denny's. This time Kaji joined us! So it was more food and coffee and ass meat for us, except I didn't really get food... I got a strawberry sundae, which was so good at that time. Or maybe it was just cause I was craving ice cream. We were our usual crazy selves there, especially Mika, who was going into her Psycho Mode. XD Ted and some other people ended up coming into Denny's too, and getting a table next to us. One of the girls sitting at that table was totally making Gabe cringe every time she talked though.

Rei-kun's plate ended up a real yummy mess.

Sovath and Phil left awhile after Denny's. ;_; I hope they come again next year.

-[ Early morning wanderings ]-

Back at the hotel, I wanted to check out Shaman King cause I'd never seen it before. (Um, yes, I do have CDs of some of the episodes, I just never got around to watching them. ;_;) Gabe, Mika, and Chris were with me... I think. It was such a cool show! I really liked what I saw. I definitely will have to see more...

Rei-kun brought out her Gir plushie! I wanted a pic with Gir too.

At the lobby, Mika was chilling with Chris V., Tom, Curtis, and the Cid guy. Tom was in his Zell costume, and Curtis was Shin Kyo! They were all still up! Rei-kun, Chris C., and I decided to go back to the room with Gabe for a bit to do a picture review. He hooked his digital camera to the TV and we just looked through all the pics and laughed our heads off. Frank was sleeping, but he woke up for a bit and saw some of the pics, I think. We decided we had bothered Frank enough, so we headed back to the lobby, where Mika and the others still were. They had to leave in a bit though, to get at least some sleep, since they had to wake up to do the Runway Fashion Show. Here's Gabe doing... something to Gir. Then I pointed out that the way Mika was sitting was very in-character, cause he does sit all casually like he's the shit! Here's another angle, from where I was sitting. Then Gabe said Rei-kun and I were sitting like yakuza... x_x; Here's another pic with Mika being scary.

We eventually decided to go back to the room to sleep. (I'd say it was almost 6 a.m. at the time.) I was thinking about watching Hikaru no Go, but I don't think I would've been able to stay awake. Plus Mika and I wanted to see the Fashion Show, which Chris V. said was at 9 a.m., so we set the alarm clock to 8 a.m. Gabe was the one wanting sleep, but at the same time he was the one keeping everyone up by talking about his drooling, and things flying out of his mouth when he talks.

-[ Tired morning ]-

Mika and I did wake up early. Well, I kept falling back asleep, so she had to keep yelling at me. ^_^; Oh, and it was finally sunny. Why did it have to be sunny on the last day? I figured I'd get a pic of Mika on the bridge in costume. You know, that area outside the hotel that people pretty much avoided cause it'd been rainy almost the whole weekend.

What sucked ass was that when we got to the con center, we found out that the Fashion Show wasn't till noon. The thing at 9 was only the pre-meeting! Argh. I could've slept another 2 hours... ;_; We walked around the place. Found Chris V., Tom, Curtis, they were all going to be in the Fashion Show, and Mika was deciding whether or not she should join too. She did sign up, but for awhile decided not to go. Oh, we looked at the clues for the Scavenger Hunt, and were like, wtf? So we didn't do that either. ^_^;

-[ Checking out ]-

At around 11 a.m. Mika and I went to wake the other guys up to tell them to pack up. We had to be out of the rooms by noon. I ate some of Mika's junk food, and that was pretty much my breakfast. Chex Mix was really tasty to me at that time. After everyone was awake and packed up, we took all our stuff to the cars, and since Mika and Dorjan's ride wasn't going to be there till 7 p.m., I let them put their stuff in my car for the time being.

Chris and I lined up to check out, and all was good. The others had headed to the Fashion Show first. On the way to the con center, I ran into D-kun again, who would've had to wait by his luggage for his ride, which wasn't going to be till hours later, so I let him stash his stuff in my car too!

-[ Last events ]-

At the con center Gabe got a pic of someone from Hand Maid May. D-kun went with Chris and I over to the Fashion Show too. It was pretty cool, and Mika was in it! She had decided to go after all. Afterwards we chilled outside that room for awhile, by the windows. Here's Mika threatening Gabe for money. And somewhat of a group pic: Chris, Frank, Gabe, D-kun, Milly, and a drunk Vash laying down beside Milly. Well he wasn't dressed as Vash, but he had that striped headband, so I just called him that. ^_^; Milly said he'd gotten practically no sleep. Here's a shot of Mika's pin collection on her baggie. And I finally noticed Neptune-chan off to the side, so I had to get a pic of her as Noise, with Alexiel. And another better picture of the drunk Vash guy. LOL.

We decided to do some last-minute shopping at the dealers' room. I don't think I bought anything else, but I did go back to that booth with all the pins to ask what character the one I'd bought earlier was. Turns out to be some new character from the Saiyuki movie. ^_^; Mika, D-kun, and I were crowding the place for awhile... oh wait, it was always crowded there! They showed Hellsing for a bit though, and Gabe got interested. (Which reminds me, I still need to watch that too...) There didn't seem to be many sales or marked down prices. The CD place was giving 20% off a CD when you buy 4 CDs... but that's 4 CDs! o_o; Blah.

Afterwards we just sat around outside the dealers room. Here's some of us in a circle: clockwise from me is me, Mika, Ahna, Taters, D-kun. Behind us were Dorjan and Chris C. Taters drew this, Ahna drew this... Gabe and Frank were also behind us, munching on chips

We found Rei-kun again, in her Chris costume! Here's another of Rei-kun shooting you... while Mika stabs her with her fish wand, and D-kun shoots himself.

-[ Closing ceremonies ]-

All that was left was the Closing Ceremonies, so we all lined up for that. While in line, we were having fun with Mika's fish! We made it eat her fish wand, eat Gabe's arm, eat a table, and shoot a gun. There's just so much you can do with that fish! A lot of other people joined us in line... I remember seeing Mandy and Shawna again, and Theo was there too... D-kun had to leave early. ;_; So I took him back to my car to grab his stuff. When I got back to the con center, they were all still in line, and it was already awhile past 3 p.m.

When we all got in and seated, it still took awhile to get started... Some people started blowing those rubber bubble things, and tossing them in the air. Everyone would cheer and clap and help keep them off the ground. Whoever blew it made more, and the bubbles would stick to each other, and people would cheer. -_-; I found it amusing just cause it proved how little sleep most of us were running on!

I fell asleep during the taiko drumming. It was really cool, and I would've wanted to enjoy it, except I was just way too tired! Gabe told me he made Rei-kun video tape me dozing off... argh. x_x;

They did the usual, announcing prizes and all. Except they don't go up onto the stage to get the prizes. They just call out the names, people cheer, and they're supposed to go pick them up afterwards at the ops room. Frank won another prize! Geez... He's only cosplayed twice, and has won something for both. This year it was also one of the hall costume awards, for "best use of pie plates" or something. I was thinking, why not his sword?! I thought it was way more impressive than the pie plates! Anyway... I agree with Gabe and Chris about how it would've helped a lot more if they didn't just announce the name, but also the characters they cosplayed as! It's like, they'd announce a name, and people would have no idea who it is. Same with the AMV awards. I couldn't figure out which video it was by just the title. At least they could've mentioned the anime it was done to, or the song.

So Frank went to pick up his prize, it was a Slayers cel, pretty cool.

-[ Post-con ]-

Taters had wanted to go fooding at Denny's again, but a lot of us were low on money. So we decided to go to Jack in the Box instead, though I kind of wish I'd told Taters that... but by that time we'd already said bye to her and Theo and lost them. ;_;

I drove Chris, Mika, and Dorjan to Jack in the Box, and Gabe went in Frank's car. Rei-kun, Ted, and the loud girl (don't know her name!) joined us there too. On the way there Gabe got a pic of the Park & Fly! Yes, that's where Aeris is I tell you! After food and just chatting, Mika wanted to go change out of her costume, so I gave her the keys to get her stuff out of the trunk. She comes back inside to me saying, "Okay um... you're going to kill me." I was like, "What...? Did you lock my keys inside the car?" Turns out I was right! x_x; So yeah, I was panicky, cause I had to get Chris to the airport in a bit. Ah well, I ended up just calling home to see if anyone could drive out here with the spare keys! LOL. Andy (my brother) was the only one home, so I had to make him do it. We just sat in Jack in the Box, some people got more food too. We started talking about costume themes for next year. I really want to make a Suikoden one!

We decided to go wait outside for Andy to get here. Here's the group minus Gabe: the loud girl, Chris, Ted, Rei-kun, Dorjan, Frank, me, Mika. Well, Andy eventually gets here, and greets me with a bunch of swearing in Taiwanese. Jokingly of course. I told him I'd buy him a milkshake though, which I did. ^_^; (My home is 30 minutes away, in case anyone was wondering. Oh and I think that pic of Andy is really funny. He has this "DURRR" look on his face.) Oh well. He decided to just go to Southcenter mall while he's there, to kick some people's asses at MvC2.

All was good, Gabe and Frank left, Rei-kun and her crew left, I took Mika and Dorjan back to the hotel cause that's where they were going to be picked up, then dropped Chris off at the airport. It always sucks at the end of a con when everyone goes away again! Especially the ones I hardly get to see.

-[ Final thoughts ]-

I'm not being negative, but I do feel that this con wasn't as good as last year's Sakura Con. Like several people have said, it just lacked the craziness/insanity that last year's had. It felt like another AX 2001, where I had fun cause of the people and hanging out with friends, rather than cause of the con itself.

The dealers room was so disappointing! I don't know if it was just me, or not, but there just wasn't really much things that were screaming out at me to buy. In fact I'm not really sure what the reason it, after all maybe it's just that lately there hasn't been much cool anime merchandise around...? I just expected to spend so much money this year, and ended up spending barely half of what I brought. Sure, there was a lot of cool stuff at the dealers' room, but it was all the same stuff all over. There wasn't anything really unique or rare.

My costume is my own complaint. Maybe I should stop dressing up as obscure characters?! Even last year it seemed like only a few people knew my Blade of the Immortal costume. Though I have to admit, I didn't think Houshin Engi was that obscure. It's okay though, as long as it's a character & series I like, I'll always have fun dressing up.

Overall I had tons of fun, and don't regret going. It was great getting to see friends I hardly get to hang out with, and it always just feels good being around a lot of people you know are "freaks" like me. I'm a lot more open at anime cons! Or maybe it's just cause of my tendency to deprive myself of sleep at cons and get all delirious and not know anything I'm talking about? Okay I'll stop. ^_^; If you actually read all of this, you must be as crazy as I am!