-[ More room stuff ]-

Everyone eventually woke up at around 9 a.m., so of course we missed getting the tickets for the Cosplay show... Not that any of us really wanted to see it anyway. ^_^; It ran into the AMV contest, and we wanted to see that more. Mika kept scaring me with her Kuroneko-sama. It actually was freaky at first, cause my sleeping spot was right between the 2 beds, and it'd seem like it was creeping up on me.

We kept debating whether or not to go to Denny's that morning, cause we wanted to see Sci-Fi Harry at noon! They finally had it subbed instead of just raw, and we didn't want to miss it. Frank and I jacked some donuts from the other room... Mika had brought a lot of junk food! I still wish I'd been able to get my Costco muffins like last year.

So we ate, and watched My Dear Marie on CCS, then decided to put on our costumes. Yes, me and Frank too. Mika helped me with my wig. I sucked with it cause I'd never used one before. So here you go, me in my Roushi costume, sitting in bed. I don't know why, but Gabe really liked my shoulder things. They were just made out of that foamy Crayola stuff! Here's me & Mika in our costumes. By then Frank had also finished putting on his Gatts costume. It rocks!

-[ Bend me, Harry! ]-

Cause of us doing our costume stuff, we were already late to the Sci-Fi Harry room, so we tried to rush over there. In the hallway, we walked by Chris V., who is of course a huge Berserk fan. He went nuts over Frank's costume. XD So we got to take some silly pics. Him as Happosai, defending himself from Gatts with his bag of lingerie. Gatts whacks him anyway! Ow?

We eventually made our way over to Harry, and Taters said that there was some problem and it was starting late. Good! We were on time then. Finally saw Rei-kun in the video room! She happened to be monitoring that room. And she was in her Kinnison costume. Sci-Fi Harry rocked, as usual! People actually laughed a lot. ^_^; Harry is damn sexy.

We stayed a bit longer to catch Mahou Yuugi at 1 p.m. I know Mika had already seen it but the rest of us hadn't... Man I'm glad I did, though! That show is crazy! It's cute and on crack at the same time.

-[ Fooding ]-

We left Mahou Yuugi a bit early to go to Denny's. Everyone was getting hungry. We stashed Frank's sword in Taters & Theo's room, and walked over to the closer Denny's (the one we'd been going to), only to find out that it was fucking crowded! I think there was some other event going on nearby, and they were piling into the same Denny's. We decided to go to the other Denny's, which was in the opposite direction... And quite a bit of a walk! As we passed by the hotel, Frank and Gabe decided they'd drive instead.

We got a long table put together for our group. Here's one end: Taters, Theo, James, Chris, Phillip. And the other end: Sovath, me, Mika, Gabe, Frank, Dorjan, and Taters again. Other diners nearby came and asked us what was up with all these costumes they've been seeing, so we had to tell them about the con. ^_^ Here's a funny pic of Mika's fish drinking coffee

-[ Back to the con ]-

I rode in Frank's car on the way back cause I was too lazy to walk again. We had to go back to our room to fix our costumes. Yes, some part of mine had to be re-sewn, and Frank had some stuff falling off too. He said something that was very true though: For the people who aren't in costume, and are just taking pics of cosplayers, everything seems cool. But for us cosplayers, some part of our costume could be falling apart and we'd be the only ones aware of it! I mean... unless it's very obvious, of course. I didn't feel like sewing, so I just used Frank's tape. Go tape! Our costumes were never made to last anyway. ^_^;

We went over to Taters's room to get his sword back, but couldn't remember what the room number was! Theo told us at Denny's, but we forgot. So we spent quite a bit of time trying to figure that out... We decided to just go over to the other building to look for Taters or something.

-[ More costumes! ]-

During our walking around, we caught a few more costumes. I saw Shuichi, then realized they had a Gravitation group! That was so adorable. I went into the dealers room first with Mika and some others, while Gabe and Frank were off retrieving the sword. Gabe took a pic of these 2 girls with awesome costumes, though I don't know what they're from, I'm guessing Card Captor Sakura? He was able to get Rei-kun as Kinnison though! There was a Trigun group at the con (not the same as D-kun's last year), but here's a Legato and Meryl... I can't believe she made all those little guns. o_o;

Gabe and Frank eventually caught up with me and the others in the dealers' room. I was trying to look at that booth with all the pins, but it was always so crowded! It was that one with all the j-rock stuff, and $2 pins, what a good price. We saw a really cool Lulu and Onion Knight, though at the time we had no idea he was supposed to be the Onion Knight! There were plenty of FFX cosplayers there. There was Yuna and Rikku, and Tidus too. I had to get myself my own Kuroneko-sama plushie, Mika's was just so cute.

-[ Waiting and chilling ]-

Afterwards we just all kind of hung out in the hallway of the con center. There wasn't much going on that we really wanted to see, the next thing we were looking forward to was the AMV contest, which wasn't till 8 p.m.

I saw Ted again! Nice costume. Here's Cloud-Vincent and Belial. At first I thought he was supposed to be Gatts too, but turns out he's a combination of Cloud and Vincent. I got a good group pic: I don't know who the 2 on the left are, but after them it's Theo in another Izam costume (from Shazna), then Shawna and Mandy as female Vash and Wolfwood, then Taters as Farah (from Tales of Eternia). Gabe took another of Mandy and Shawna, damn those were such cute costumes.

D-kun and I finally found each other there! I didn't think I'd be that hard to spot, considering I had poofy green hair. Here's me and D-kun, he was dressed as a young Walter from Hellsing. I met his 2 friends (that I was supposed to meet on Friday ^_^;), I was glad they got in okay. D-kun joined us for awhile while we sat around like dorks being silly and taking more pics. We saw Curtis dressed as Ein, and Mika wanted a pic with him. Ein and Padudu! Gabe played around with my Kuroneko-sama, hooking it on his ear. What was really cool was I saw a fellow AIS classmate... I forgot her name again, damnit! -_-; But she was dressed as Lulu. There was a Chococat walking around, Mika really wanted to get a pic with her, but she was taking a break by that time. This is a cool gun, is that someone from Sakura Taisen? I'm not sure. Speaking of guns, these 2 Vashes had really cool guns too! Rei-kun came by and hung out with us, and I got another pic of her Kinnison costume, I like her leg thingies!

Gabe and the others wanted to sit by the window... but there was sun there. I don't want sun. So Mika and I flicked him off. Optimus Prime in the hallway was getting a lot of attention. Here's a clearer shot of it next to us though, while Rei-kun smells something really bad.

-[ Area switch! ]-

That hallway was getting too crowded, with people going to see the Cosplay/Masquerade thing, so we moved over to a spacious area in the main hotel. An update on who was with me then: Gabe, Frank, Mika, D-kun, Chris C., Rei-kun, then Gremio and Flik joined us later.

Frank and Gabe played out a little photo skit, as Gatts and his sword carrier:
"Gatts! Your sword!"
"Whoa, thank you!"
"Now I'm ready for battle!"
"No prob, buddy!"

Here's Padudu vs. Gatts, but with switched weapons. ^_^; Gremio and Flik came by, Grem was in her Toshiya costume! I got a pic of a Nakoruru cosplayer too. D-kun had to go, so we decided to meet up at the AMV contest.

Meanwhile, everyone else wanted food. Rei-kun, Grem, and Flik all wanted food too, so I took orders. WE ARE ALL PIGS! WE SHOULD ALL DI-- er. So I went with Mika, Gabe, and Frank to Taco Bell, and brought food back. I ate at where Rei-kun was, and the others went back to eat in the room. I figured I might as well stay there, since that's where the AMV contest room was. The line was long!

-[ Anime Music Videos ]-

The guy by the door wouldn't let me bring my drink in. So I had to go all the way back to the room to leave my leftovers there, then hurried back to join Rei-kun and Chris in the AMV room. D-kun eventually found me there too, I was right by the entrance. He was in his Hakkai costume. I like standing in these AMV contests, cause I'm short, and can barely see anything when sitting. >_<;

After the Original Animation category was over, they started the Emotional stuff with a really nice Rurouni Kenshin OAV video to Madonna's "Frozen". That was so good! I would've never thought that song would fit, but it did. Okay I'm not going to talk about every single video (sorry, but I'm lazy), but I pretty much liked all of them. Some I didn't understand as much only cause I hadn't seen the series it was based on. I remember D-kun freaking out about how the Noir video was laced with spoilers though. ^_^; Not that I remember. Which is good, cause I do plan to watch the rest!

While I was in there watching AMVs, back in our room Mika had put on her white Mana costume. She, Gabe, and Frank were having trouble getting into the AMV room. It was full, so people were only allowed in when people came out. They walked around for a bit and took some pics. They saw Midvalley playing the sax with someone else. That's cool how he was a Midvalley cosplayer who actually knew how to play the sax. There was Filia from Slayers, and Ashton from Star Ocean Second Story. Here's a cute Ranma 1/2 group, and Akane wanted to try holding the Gatts sword. Apparently this Escaflowne dragon was a big hit in the Cosplay show, but I didn't see the show, so. It does look cool though. Here's a cool Zechs.

Those 3 eventually made it into the AMV room and joined us for the rest of it. Dorjan, Sovath, and Phil were off at the dance though. Okay, some other videos I really liked... The first Utena movie one they showed. I remember at one point they were having technical difficulties, and stopped playing AMVs for awhile. I was glad they played that Utena one though, it was so good. There was also one called "Dragon Bebop Z", which was funny as hell, but reminded me a lot of "Tainted Donuts", in the way they crossed over 2 animes and had the characters fighting each other. I liked "Knock Down the Walls" though, that was damn funny. A Trigun video to "Original Prankster" by Offspring. (Legato: "You can do it!") Taters came in, and apparently that Aquarian Age one was hers. It was good, but I hadn't seen Aquarian Age so I couldn't say much about the video! At one point, Mika went back to the room to change out of her Mana costume and into Michael (Angel Sanctuary). Frank left the room early to go to sleep. Sleep?!

-[ End of Saturday ]-

It really wasn't the end of Saturday for us yet. But, it's past midnight now, so please continue on to my Sunday page!