People I know who were at the con. Not trying to be exclusive at all, I'm just making it easier for the ones who are reading my daily logs, so they'll know who the hell I'm talking about!

I'll start out with me. My real name's Sandy. You may know me as Nishi. Or Sado. Anything is cool as long as you don't call me Psycho.
My costume: Taijou Roukun [Houshin Engi]
Yeah. Hardly anyone knew who I was dressed as. ;_; And actually, I was really surprised there weren't any other Houshin Engi cosplayers! I thought perhaps there'd at least be a Taikoubou or something. ^_^;

My roomies

Gabe AKA Harry. He loves talking big and making fun of things, and if you piss him off, he might bend you.
Costume: Gatts's sword carrier, who says, "Gatts! Your sword!", hands him the sword, then gets killed shortly afterwards, in the Berserk manga vol. 5 page 82... ::note the sarcasm::

Frank AKA Gatts. Always sleeping a lot at cons, yet doesn't feel like it's a waste. He makes kickass costumes when he does, though. Go pie plates!
Costume: young Gatts [Berserk]

Chris The freak from CA who has been coming to Sakura Con every year since '99. Oh, he didn't blow off his money on box sets this year. O_O

Mika-chan Met her at last year's Sakura Con. She can go from ultra-cute to ultra-psycho, and loves anime mascots and SD stuff.
Costumes: Padudu [Mahou Yuugi], Mana, white dress [Malice Mizer], Michael [Angel Sanctuary]

Dorjan Mika's brother. It was his first con ever, so we're pulling him into becoming a real otaku!

Sovath A good friend of Mika's. His first con also, he was all embarrassed about wearing the Mana costume he worked so hard on, but hey, it turned out beautiful.
Costume: Mana, black dress [Malice Mizer]

Phillip Savoth's brother, and also a first timer. Together with Savoth they made such a great pair in costume!
Costume: Gackt [Malice Mizer]

The other otakus

It goes name/alias (alphabetical here), then costumes if they wore any. I'm just jotting down what I saw. If I know you and accidentally left you out, or any costume out, or misspelled anything, feel free to e-mail me to correct me.

Chris V. - Akuma [Street Fighter], Happosai [Ranma 1/2]
Curtis - Kyo [King of Fighters], Squall [Final Fantasy VIII]
D-kun - young Walter [Hellsing], Hakkai [Sayuki]
Flik - Rosette [Chrono Crusade]
Gremio - Gremio [Suikoden / Suikoden II]
James - Louie [Rune Soldier Louie]
Kajiita - Youji [Weiss Kreuz], Misao [Rurouni Kenshin]
Lisa - Hikaru Yoshimoto [Princess Nine]
Lynzie - Zelda [Legend of Zelda]
Mandy - Kyo [Dir en grey], female Wolfwood [Trigun]
Neptune-chan - Kurai [Angel Sanctuary], Noise [Angel Sanctuary]
Osiris N - Kyo [Dir en grey]
Rei-kun - Kinnison [Suikoden II], Chris [Resident Evil]
Sentarot Shawna - Mana [Malice Mizer], female Vash [Trigun]
Stark - Taishi [Comic Party], Inu Yasha [Inu Yasha], Sai Nanohara [Jubei-chan]
Tammy - Rally Vincent [Gunsmith Cats], Mima [Perfect Blue]
Taters - Sango [Hanaukyo Maid Tai], Farah [Tales of Eternia]
Ted - Miki [Utena movie], Ted [Suikoden]
Theo - Izam [Shazna]
Tom - Dan [Street Fighter], Marron [Sorcerer Hunters], Zell [Final Fantasy VIII]