This is all the cool shit I got at the con. I didn't spend as much as I thought I would. This year's dealers room just wasn't as good as the ones at the previous Baka/Sakura Cons. But I still bought some neat stuff anyway.

Kid vs. Lynx

Chrono Cross diorama collection. There's a total of 3, I have the other 2, and this was the only one left that I didn't have! It's Kid vs. Lynx. Now my Chrono Cross display is complete.

FLCL artbook

FLCL artbook. There were 2 different ones at the dealers room, and I had to ask to look through both before deciding which one to buy. One of them was "Groundworks of FLCL", which had a few colored pages, then the rest were black and white sketches. The other one had mostly colored pages, both manga & anime styles. That was the one I got. It is so incredibly cool!

Rikku and Tidus

Rikku and Tidus pins! So damn cute. I love pins. ::is a pin freak::


Kuroneko-sama plushie. Mika bought it first, and I had so much fun playing with it in our room that I decided I had to get one for myself.

random Saiyuki dude

Another pin... of a character I don't know. Mika and I each bought one, just cause he looked cute. Later I finally asked the guy at the booth who the character was, he said it's someone from the Saiyuki movie.