-[ Tired morning ]-

I hardly got any sleep before the con. Being the stupid procrastinator I am, I pretty much waited till the last minute to actually try on the costume... then discovering that there were some things wrong with it, so I had to go back and re-do parts. I think that night I only slept for about 30 minutes. After waking up, I headed to Sea-Tac airport to pick up Chris C. First thing I noticed was that it was raining. I normally don't mind rain, I just hate when it rains at cons. Sucks especially for the people with costumes! Anyway, I was late to the airport cause I forgot to make time for rush hour traffic. -_-;

-[ Registration ]-

Chris and I walked all over the Hilton looking for the place to pick up our badges. We walked from the parking lot at the convention center to the hotel, walking in a huge circle, only to find out it was back where we came from! The line wasn't so bad. We were both pre-registered, except, for some reason the pre-registered line was longer than the normal line. I thought the point of pre-registering is to get in there faster!

I told D-kun I'd help look out for his friend Angela and someone else at the reg area, except since I got there late, I didn't see them anywhere... I felt really bad about that, and hoped they got in okay. The first person I did run into though, was Mika-chan! She introduced us to her brother Dorjan, and her friends Sovath and Phillip, who were also rooming with us. Up ahead in the line I saw Chris V. (or BBC... I'm sure many of you will know who I'm talking about) dressed as Akuma, with balls-- er, beads, this time. Ran into Kaji, except at first I didn't know she was Kajiita, as well as the same person I talked to on Rei-kun's AIM. I'm slow, okay?! We all got our badges, which had nice printed names, except... held together by cheap hairties, in Lisa's words. Of course, Chris C. was smart enough to bring the clip from last year, and used that instead. We walked around the con center for awhile, since there was nothing going on till noon that day. Saw Stark too, then Taters!

I was able to check into 1 of our rooms. So we went back to our cars to move our shit into the room. Frank and Gabe weren't going to get there till later that afternoon.

-[ First Denny's trip! ]-

First day of the con, and already out to Denny's. We had to grab some lunch. I brought along the goodies bag to check out what kind of stuff was in it. And... I'm sorry. The way the Astroboy poster was folded totally cracked me up. I told Dorjan to hold it up. Mika & I were already being hyper.

-[ Green people ]-

Anyone who was at the con early will have noticed all the green people there. Er, all the people wearing green shirts. In fact I'm still not sure what kind of group they were... But oh well. I think I scared quite a few of them. When we were getting on the elevator one time, I roared into it as the doors opened, thinking there weren't any people inside, but 3 of the green people came out. o_o; In the elevator, we were talking about how those green people think we're freaks, and how "normal" we were. I think I said something like, "At least I'm not wearing green!" But not only was Chris wearing a green shirt, but the elevator doors were opening as I said that... with 3 green people standing on the other side!

-[ Getting ready ]-

I checked to see if the other room was ready, and it still wasn't! Talk about slow. Mika was in the process of putting on her Padudu costume, and Phillip and Sovath work on getting their Gackt and Mana costumes on. Sovath was taking out his costume, and whining about how he didn't want to wear it anymore cause he'd feel embarrassed. ^_^; They both eventually put on the costumes, did their makeup (which took quite awhile), and looked great! I was really impressed with the Mana costume, he made the whole thing himself.

Meanwhile, Frank and Gabe are on their way to the con. Chris and I head down to the lobby to finally check into our other room. It has a nice view that would've been a great place for pictures if it wasn't rainy and wet out there.

When Frank and Gabe got there, Chris and I went to grab them at the place near the lobby. Gabe was wearing his silly $7 red striped suit for fun. Too bad no one went up to him and asked what character he was supposed to be... That would've been hilarious. Besides being the 'Akai Oji-sama', he's also 'Gatt's sword carrier'! You know... The one who hands him the sword yelling "Gatts! Your sword!" at that one moment, then gets killed right after! (... Big joke, in case you're taking us seriously. x_x) After taking them to our rooms, Mika, Savoth, and Phil were pretty much done putting on their costumes. Here's all three together.

-[ Dealers' room and costumes ]-

On the way to the dealers room, I spotted a Manji! I wanted to hold his cut-off arm. Grr... Gabe and I should've worn our Blade of the Immortal costumes.

The dealers room was cool, but I didn't like it as much as the past years'. I walked around the whole thing once, and nothing really screamed out at me to buy. One of the things I was happy about finding though, was one of the Chrono Cross diorama figure sets. There's a total of 3, I had 2 of them already, and they had the last one I needed! Awesome.

Outside the dealers room I got more pictures. This year Taters dressed up as Sango from Hanaukyo Maid Tai, which I have never heard of. Taters and her obscure costumes... x_x; This was really cool. Little Trunks and Goten disguised as that one dude, to fight in the tournament! XD I found Chris V. again, he does splits as Akuma, and does Dan's victory pose with Tom.

-[ Fun in the room ]-

Here's a nice pic of Mika's full Padudu costume. Gabe even tries it on while wielding Frank's sword. Um... Gabe was trying to get a pic of Savoth's Mana costume, but somehow got Taters's legs... but this was really what he was trying to get - Sovath being Mana-ish. Afterwards we were just fooling around with Mika's fishie, having it eat Gabe, while he tries to punch it to get it off!

We hung out, watched some stuff on CCS TV, while I made coffee on the hotel room's coffee machine. And not only did Mika make Kuroneko-sama hump her Kodama, but the sound the coffee maker was making made it even worse! Especially the puttering sound of when it's almost done... LOL. Smack me. Wait, no. I wasn't the one who pointed it out.

Nevertheless, it wasn't enough coffee for us. So what did we do? Make another trip to Denny's! This time: me, Gabe, Frank, Chris, Mika, Dorjan, Taters. And I swear, Mika was just going nuts laughing so hard for no reason! ... Must've been all the sugar packets she put in her coffee. ^_^;

-[ Karaoke ]-

Mika, Taters, and I wanted to go check out the karaoke. We hung out there for quite awhile. I took more pictures. Found Tammy in costume... I don't know that character, someone help me. Shawna and Mandy were dressed as Mana and Kyo this year. Rock! Mika and Chris V. joins them for a group pic. Oh, I had to touch Akuma's balls again. XD Lisa found me there, and I got a pic of her as Hikaru Yoshimoto from Princess Nine. Nick, who was also dressed as Kyo from Dir en Grey, sang Cage on stage! I LOVE THAT SONG. And he does a kickass Kyo voice. Our little crowd in the back was all singing along!

There was this Luffy cosplayer that Mika and I kept trying to get a pic of. With all the singing and dancing going on in the room, we eventually each got to get a pic with him! Here's mine. And we refused to use his character name. Throughout the whole con, he was referred to as Straw Hat Boy. Later I saw Tom, dressed as Marron, with the Bakuretsu Hunters group. You know, for some reason it didn't hit me that he was dressed as Marron. I kept thinking Mousse! Cause the wig looked similar, and they both wear white robes. ^_^; Oh, a Mink cosplayer went up and sang that Watashi no Tamago song! That was just awesome. I found a cool Iori and got a pic with him. Hey, it's fun getting pics with the cosplayers! At least I wasn't doing major glompage. Now, where was Curtis's Kyo (Kusanagi) costume when needed?! That would've been cool to get a pic of Iori and Kyo duking it out...

-[ Anime-watching ]-

We took a break from karaoke to see Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. I'd already seen it before, but the others hadn't. Well, Frank had, but by this time he was already in the hotel room sleeping. o_o; (Me thinking: "He's sleeping at a con!") So Mika and I met up with our other roomies, except Frank, to see the movie. Outside the video room I ran into Gremio, who happened to be monitoring that room. I love that costume! As for the Bloodlust movie, it was great seeing it again. Everyone else I was with seemed to like it a lot too. What really sucked though, was that the background sound & music of that room was way louder than the voices. So we could barely hear the dialogue! I think it was cause we were sitting near the background speakers... Ah well. I think the movie was still understandable, since they all liked it anyway.

Afterwards, some of us stayed to check out Weiss Kreuz. I wanted to just cause it seems like such a popular series, and I'd never seen any of it. Well, my overall feelings were, "... So this is WK?" It didn't seem that great! But I guess I shouldn't judge from just the first 2 episodes. ^_^; There were already gay implications that Gabe, Mika, and I couldn't help laughing at.
"What's taking those two so long?"
"He's such a pain in the butt."

We went back to the karaoke room to see what was going on over there. I found Kaji in her Misao costume, cute! Curtis was dressed as Squall, and Mika wanted to get a pic with him. She snuggled up to him, which made a huge group of people come and take pictures too! LOL. I also found an awesome Haruko. I love FLCL!

Gabe, Mika, Chris, and I then headed over to the other building to watch GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka). Mika left early cause she got tired. But damn that show is funny! I had heard so much about it from people, but never got to read any of the manga or watch the anime. Teacher Banzai!

-[ End of Friday ]-

Well, it was actually past midnight so... not exactly Friday. But whatever. You get the idea! Sleep now.