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In endless rain I've been walking
Like a poet feeling pain
Trying to find the answers
Trying to hide the tears
But it was just a circle
That never ends
When the rain stops, I'll turn the page
The page of the first chapter



Birthplace: Baltez

Age: Unknown

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Appearance: Her hair is long, straight and black, but with a somewhat blue tint when in the light. Her eyes are a midnight blue, and her skin is moderately pale. Usually wearing black clothes, wears an opal pendant hung on a silver chain around her neck, small silver earrings, and always keeps a silver rose with her.

Guild: URC/UKoF, Chief of Special Ops

Abilities: Mindread, Mindspeak, Earth magic

Current home: Amber

Parents: Deceased

Siblings: Younger brothers Devanar & Draxus, younger sister Audrey

Marital status: Corwin

Usually at: Amber, Sombrewood Forest, URC Palace