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Yasha-ou is the King of the Yasha clan and Bushinshou (warrior god) of the North, also happens to be the strongest one out of the four bushinshous. His given name is Yama, for those of you who are curious; that is what it was before he became Yasha-ou. After he heard the Prophecy from Kuyo, he became very interested in the whole rebellion deal, so he went and broke Ashura's seal and freed him. After the Yasha clan was demolished (because Ashura was brought into the village, and he is "wanted"), Yasha-ou and Ashura set out on their journey to find the other members of the Six Stars. Yasha-ou is a pretty stoic person who doesn't like to talk much, but is very determined to defeat Taishakuten. He's super nice to Ashura, he treats him like his own son, and you can even say he spoils him. ^_^

Yasha-ou's sword is called Yamato, and it is linked to Ashura's sword Shurato, which means they can find each other by the resonating of the swords. There is a history to the Yamato, that says that a long time ago, the sword was given to the Yasha clan, by a man with black wings, to protect from disasters. Yasha-ou doesn't find out that Kujaku was the one spoken of, until near the end of the manga.

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