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Ryu-ou is the Bushinshou of the West, also the King of the Ryu clan. Well actually, at first, he didn't want to be King. His grandfather was sick and needed someone to take the spot, but Naga (that is Ryu-ou's given name) didn't want the responsibilities even though his cousins Seiryu and Hyakuryu and everyone else wanted him to. The only thing that made him finally decide to be Ryu-ou was when he found out that Yasha and Ashura were traveling and going against Taishakuten. Naga wasn't about to join the rebellion, but he loves fighting, so he wanted to travel with them and become stronger. And, of course, he needed a weapon. He wanted to get the Ryugato, which could only be wielded by the Ryu-ou. So he ended up taking the position of Ryu-ou anyway, and joined the traveling group.

Ryu-ou is one of the characters who provide comedy relief in RG Veda (the other being Kujaku), creating those "light" in this depressing story. He likes to pick on Ashura a lot, and is obsessed with fighting. He was literally jumping for joy when he saw Yasha-ou approaching their water palace.

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