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Well, here's the special place for the other people. Not that they're insignificant... I just didn't feel like making a section for each of them. It would take too long anyway, since there are a lot of other characters. Below are some pictures, I am still trying to gather more!!! And I am also planning to scan a picture for each character so you can see what each person looks like. And below the pictures is my nifty little info section!


Taishaku-ten ~ He's the one who killed the tentei and took his place. He killed and ruined the lives of countless people, cause he wanted his little "reign of terror"... but unlike most bad guys, he has a very interesting reason for doing all that. In volume 10 of the manga, you find out the reason he was so evil, but personally, I still can't forgive him for all that he's done.

Shashi ~ Ah, the "Queen B*tch". ^_^ In the very beginning, Shashi was only a miko for Ashura-ou (along with her sister Kara), but well, it seems like being a miko for the great warlord wasn't good enough. So later she got married to Ashura-ou and became his wife. But it still wasn't good enough for her, so during the Holy War, she helped Taishakuten in his rebellion by telling Taishakuten all the secrets of the Ashura clan so he could win. She betrayed Ashura-ou and his whole clan, which was why they all got wiped out. And guess what? She became Taishakuten's wife, "Empress" Shashi. Gee, isn't that a surprise. ::rolls eyes:: Shashi gave birth to twins, one being Taishakuten's son and the other being a child of the Ashura clan (Ashura-ou's child). So she's like, "Hmm, I can't have this Ashura child here while I'm married to Taishakuten. This kid is cursed! I gotta kill him!" So she tries to kill her own child with her own hands.

Ten-ou ~ He's the goody-goody son of Taishakuten and Shashi. Little Ashura's twin brother. He's a really nice guy despite his horrid father and b*tchy mother. And he's totally in love with Kendappa-ou (I really don't see what he sees in her!), which is really cute actually. It makes me feel so sorry for him because Kendappa's been going after Souma the whole freaking time. Oh well. Ten-ou deserves a better woman anyway!

The Shittenou

Bishamon-ten ~ The Northern general. He's the red-headed monkey-faced guy who's totally loyal to Taishakuten. He's also the one who led the army that killed off the Yasha clan. Which means he sucks. But there is something sweet about him though... He is married to Kissho-ten, whom he has been admiring and watching from afar since he was young. Bishamon-ten made Taishakuten promise that after he became tentei, that he would not kill Kissho-ten. And Taishakuten did keep that promise, BUT... er, I'm not gonna say. Go read the manga yourself!

Koumoku-ten ~ The ugly Western general with an ugly daughter. In my opinion, he's meaner than Bishamon-ten. And the reason he's always so into what he's doing to people is cause he's actually really afraid of getting killed by Taishakuten if he fails in his duties. Koumoku-ten also has a bunch of his dumb cronies who only care about their looks: Sui-ten Varuna, Fuu-ten Vaayu, Ka-ten Aguni, Chi-ten Deeba, and Kuu-ten Rudora. Of course, all five of them get killed.

Zouchou-ten ~ He's the Southern general, who at first also seems like those tough and mean people, but he's actually a pretty nice man. He does later realize that Taishakuten has gone too far with his actions. He also cares a lot about Karura-ou, even though he doesn't show it. He always tries to tells her to stay calm when she was angry, so that she would not get into trouble with Taishakuten. When he saw that Karura was actually alive (after she faked her death), he admitted that he was very happy to see her still alive and well. Zouchou-ten is also pretty funny sometimes, especially when he pretended that he was taking lessons from Kendappa-ou on how to play the flute, that was cute!

Jigoku-ten ~ The Eastern general, but you can call him or her the "mystery general", heh heh. Kendappa-ou's father was Jigoku-ten, but he died a long time ago. He was killed by Taishakuten in the Holy War as well. So actually there really wasn't a Jigoku-ten anymore, but near the end of the story, someone does take the spot. For those of you who haven't finished the story, it'll really freak you out if I tell you who it is right now, so I won't! =


Kuyo ~ She is a Stargazer, kind of like a prophetess who can see the future in the stars. In the beginning of the story, it was her who told Yasha the prophecy about the Six Stars. She was in love with Ashura-ou, who also knew of the prophecy. Ashura-ou had told Kuyo to pass on the prophecy to Yasha-ou because he knew that Yasha-ou would be involved in this. Kuyo didn't want to work for Taishakuten, so she stayed in a cave for a long time. Knowing this, Taishakuten orders Yasha-ou to go kill Kuyo. Of course he doesn't want to, since they're friends, but Kuyo later gets killed by Bishamon-ten's army anyway.

Hanranya ~ She is Kuyo's younger sister. She wanted the same abilities that Kuyo had, and she burned off her eyes in order to obtain that power. That's why she always has that cloth over her head that covers her eyes. Hanranya works for Taishakuten as a Stargazer also, but only because she's in love with him.

Gigei ~ She is a young dancer, who becomes good friends with Ashura when Yasha-ou and Ashura passes by her village during their travels. Notice the jeweled hair band Ashura wears and uses to tie up his hair in? Gigei is the one who gave that to Ashura as a gift. Gigei also has a major crush on Yasha, and was never afraid to show it either! Unfortunately, when asked by Taishakuten's men where Yasha-ou and Ashura were, she wouldn't tell, so of course, she gets killed... But it has always been her dream, to "die for the one I love," she says (referring to Yasha-ou, that is).

Kissho-ten ~ She is the daughter of the late tentei, and wife to Bishamon-ten. There really isn't much to say about her, since she doesn't do much except sit there and look pretty. She's a nice person though.

Seiryu & Hyakuryu ~ I like these two guys. They're Ryu-ou's older cousins, and they've been looking after him when he was young because Ryu-ou's parents were usually too busy.

Kumara-ten ~ The master of Kusumabura, an underground city which used to be called the Flower City, before the clan was destroyed by Taishakuten's army during the Holy War. Kumara-ten wanted to defeat Taishakuten and take his place as tentei, but in order to do that, he needed the power of the Shurato, which he heard could only be awakened by using the blood of one of the Ashura clan along with a lunar eclipse. Which is why he captured Ashura.

Kara ~ Wife to Kumara-ten and Shashi's older sister (boy do I feel sorry for her!). She is the complete opposite of Shashi though. Kara is kind and gentle, and loved her life the way it was. When Shashi and Kara were selected to be mikos for Ashura-ou, Kara was already oversatisfied with that position (unlike Shashi who wanted more than that). And, the whole thing about being able to awaken the Shurato with Ashura's blood during the lunar eclipse was all a big lie that Kara made up to Kumara-ten. And she did that, only because she loved him and wanted him to stay with her.

Karyobinga ~ Karura-ou's little sister. She had been sick and could not leave Tenku-jou (Karura-ou's sky palace), but even so, when Taishakuten heard that she was a good singer, he had his men capture her and take her to Zenmi-jou, to make her sing in front of everyone, with Kendappa-ou playing her harp. When Karura-ou got there, it was too late. When Karyobinga saw Karura-ou, and sang her last song, only for her sister. Taishakuten even fed the corpse to these two dog or lion-like beasts he owns.

Aizenmyo-ou ~ She is a little princess whose clan was also killed in the Holy War, and she got possessed by a demon and has been living in her ice castle for 300 years. In the manga, she captures Yasha for power, and at the end, Kujaku kills her. In the anime, she captures Yasha because she was lonely and wanted a companion, and Ashura kills her. But either way, she dies, so that's good. ^_^

Tamara ~ Koumoku-ten's daughter. She loves Ten-ou, and totally hates Kendappa-ou because Ten-ou likes her better. Tamara is always whining to her dad, "Why is Kendappa-ou better than me?!" or "What does she have that I don't?!" Heh...

Rasetsu ~ Yasha-ou's younger brother. He comes into the story pissed off and trying to kill Yasha-ou because he blamed him for the demise of the Yasha clan. But don't worry, they make up and become nice people. Heh heh. Anyway, while they were younger, He and Yama (that was Yasha-ou's name before he became Yasha-ou) had the same father but different mothers. Yama had always wanted to give the position of "Yasha-ou" to Rasetsu since he was the son of their father's legal wife, therefore making him the true heir, while Yama only had half Yasha blood in him. But Rasetsu left the village and told Yama to take the place as Yasha-ou because he was stronger and deserved the position more. That's how Yama came to be Yasha-ou. I like Rasetsu, he's so awesome. He was adorable when he was young too. ^_^

Sara ~ She's Rasetsu's wife, but Ashura and the group don't find that out until... er, I won't say. Ashura and Ryu meet Sara while they were gathering wood in the forest, and Ashura immediately becomes good friends with her. Sara did feel that Yasha-ou looked so much like her husband, and she invited them to stay at her place for awhile.

Tentei ~ Tentei?! You don't need to know about him, he's dead! He was killed by Taishakuten, as we all know. Although... Taishakuten seems to know something about the late tentei that no one else (besides Ashura-ou) knows...

Sonsei-ou ~ Hmm... I don't know if I should say anything about her. Well, she's a Stargazer, and she is the late Tentei's sister. I'll only tell you that much! (In other words, read the manga to find out more!)

Did I miss anyone? Or make any mistakes? (I did this part very hastily, heh heh) Because if I did, you can drop me an e-mail and I'll gladly fix it! You can also e-mail me if you want to know more about the characters, especially the information I didn't give out. Remember, I'm trying to make this page as spoiler-free as possible! But if you really do want the spoilers, I'll be glad to spill them out.

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