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Kujaku is that mysterious man who seems to know everything. His violet eyes identify him as a Mazoku (monster or demon), but he doesn't seem to be on Taishakuten's side either. He has a nice set of black wings too, yep, he's the black-winged guy who is said to have given the Yamato to the Yasha clan. He's been following the Six Stars around, giving them pointers on the way. He's weird, but he's also a funny guy! He likes to just drop in and play with Ashura sometimes. Kujaku has had an awful childhood, and he knows what it's like to be an unwanted child. That's why he understands how Ashura feels. But even though he's had an ugly past, he still knows how to be humorous! He'll grow on you, really. Trust me, he's a good guy.

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