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RG Veda Gallery

RG Veda Gallery

The Prophecy

Six Stars decend
Darkly against Heaven

Thou stand at the vanguard of Fate
As the blood of the lost clans direct
Thou shalt set forth with the infant
The child, yet unformed in good or evil
Shall spur on the Wheels of Destiny
Six Stars gather
To reach the pinnacle of Heaven

Lo, from the Darkness one comes forth
This personage holds the orbit
Of Heavenly spheres within his palm,
Guiding stars both Dark and Light
Yet even my guides know him not

Flower of Red Lotus
Nurtured by thy hands,
Shall burn away all Evil
Six Stars, victorious
Will vanquish all in its path

And then...
You will become the "break" that topples Heaven!

Last Update: 6/17/01
Eek... Sorry to disappoint you, but I haven't added anything new. ^_^; Just letting people know that you should email me at from now on... I've hardly been checking the previous one!

Welcome to my RG Veda gallery! Well, I've said before that I'd be randomly adding new stuff to it, but I haven't done so for quite a long time. So I guess the page still stands like this... Unless I actually get time to scan a whole bunch of stuff from my manga, there won't be anything new! I have to thank "CGM" for making most of the thumbnails for me... I have no idea who he/she is, but it was someone who visited this page, loved it (I'm assuming), and was nice enough to make a bunch of thumbnails for me. Am I lucky or what? ^_^

RG Veda is my favorite manga series. Great storyline, great characters, awesome art. I am a big fan of CLAMP's works, and I have to say, out of all of their series, RG Veda has the best art. I dished out $40 at Baka!-con '98 for a copy of Hiten Muma, the first RG Veda artbook, and just a few months ago I bought Tenmagouka at Kinokuniya. It's the new artbook which has some pieces from Hiten Muma, plus a whole bunch of others (like pics from the postcard set, etc.). Expensive, but worth it!

There are probably some SPOILERS in this page, so wander around at your own risk! Well, actually, it depends on what "spoilers" are to you. What you consider spoilers might not be spoilers to others.

The storyline of RG Veda is too complicated for me to explain, so I'm not going to, but I have information on the characters of the story if you want to take a look. At first only wanted for this site to be an image gallery because I was too lazy to put a lot of work into it, but I figured I could also put in some stuff about the characters. So, in each separate section, I have a brief summary of that/those character(s). And if there is a character mentioned that doesn't have his/her own section, and you would like to know about him/her, then you will find it in the "Others" section. I'm pretty sure I included every character that appears in the manga! Well, except those insignificant ones like the boy who got his arm chopped off in volume 1... heh heh. I basically have at least a bit of info on all the characters that actually had names in the story. A lot of the things I say about the characters are based on my opinions, remember that! So please don't have a cow over the comments I make about certain people. *grin*

I've tried to make this page as spoiler-free as possible, yet at the same time hoping to get people interested in this series. It's something you have to experience yourself. Knowing all the spoilers isn't going to get you into the series. But if there is anything else you'd like to know that's not on my page already, you can always e-mail me, I'll be glad to tell you. I can even spoil the story like crazy if you want me to. If you're looking for translations for the manga, you can find them at RG Veda Synopsis Page (also in my links section below). They have some nice translations, though they're missing a few volumes. Anyway, I myself read the Chinese version of the manga. (The RG Veda manga is only available in Japanese, Chinese, and French.) My Chinese isn't perfect, but I can read enough to understand the story.

I'm trying to collect all of CLAMP's manga. A good goal, isn't it? Here are the ones I have so far: RG Veda, X, Magic Knight Rayearth, CLAMP Campus Detectives, Shin Shunkaden, and 10 volumes of Card Captor Sakura. Yep, a lot more to go... Well, enough of my rant. Enjoy the gallery!

As for the midi that's playing on this page... I have gotten tons of questions asking where I got it, or wanting me to send it to them. Here's your answer: Some random person sent it to me. And I mean random, as in one day it just appeared in my email box, and I didn't know the sender. He had sent it out to a few other people besides me. I wish I knew who it was, because I would like to credit him for it. But it was a long time ago and the email it was in had already been deleted by me... Anyway, the midi isn't related to RG Veda at all, I just liked it a lot so I decided to put it on this page. If you like it, go ahead and save it. If for some reason you can't, email me and I'll send it.

(The picture above? Of course I edited it, heh heh! Sorry to all you Tai worshippers, but I really don't like that guy.)


RG Veda Synopsis Page ~ There are some good RG Veda manga translations here. And the Tenkai Marriage Services is always a riot.
RG Veda FAQ Online ~ Good FAQ and information on the characters, plus their attacks, Hindu equivalents, etc.
Pancy's RG Veda Gallery ~ Lots of very nice pictures!
Kujaku to Taishaku no Miko's RG Veda Hall ~ A page made by the well-known Bishonen no Miko, so of course it's a place to worship the bishonen of RG Veda.
Kendappa's RG Veda Picture Gallery ~ Nicely scanned pictures!
Gigei's RG Veda Page ~ Another very good site.
Kisshouten's Anti-Taishakuten Page ~ Finally... someone who doesn't drool over Tai! If you like Tai though, then I suggest you not go in here, unless you're a humorous person.

Some of the pictures here are ones I borrowed, the links to the sites I got them from are above, as you can see. All of the black & white pictures are my own scans, so please, if you want to take any of them, I would really appreciate it if you asked me first... Thank you.

Please go sign my guestbook back at Sapphire Mist!

Any questions or comments?
E-mail me!

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