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He is Ashura's father, the previous Ashura-ou. He was the Guardian God of the late tentei, and Tenkai. Since he was already dead from the beginning of the manga, he really isn't in the story; you only get to see him in flashbacks and such, but he does have a big role, because he kind of was the one who started the whole thing. He was the one who wanted to go against fate, trying to change the fate of his child. He knew about the Prophecy, and he also knew that Yama would one day meet Ashura. (Oh yeah, and guess who killed him? Taishakuten! Gee, wow, big surprise, again.)

Ashura-ou was married to Shashi, who was originally only a miko (priestess) for him, along with her older sister. And after Taishakuten killed Ashura-ou, Shashi went with Taishakuten. Poor Ashura-ou!

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