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Okay. I am sick and tired of people who think they know everything about Ashura when all they have seen are the OAVs, and proceed to scold me with things like, "Ashura is a girl, not a boy!!!" To stop any more confusion about Ashura's gender, I present this quick little note before I go on to Ashura's info section.

Ashura is neither male nor female. If you have read the manga you would know this, and in the last volume it explains why he is asexual. To avoid spoilers, I won't say any more than that unless you want me to.

The reason I use male terms to refer to him is because it's what we use when we want to be general. Just like how we say "mankind" when referring to all humans (instead of "womankind") even though there obviously are females among us.

I know that all of you who have seen the OAVs saw that they use female terms when referring to Ashura (such as "Princess Ashura", etc.), well keep in mind that the OAVs are very innacurate to the original story, and the gender mistake was made by the awful translators. The hardcore RG Veda fans have complained, but sadly what's done is done.

To you people you have only seen the OAVs, go read the manga. The anime just does not do the series justice.

Ashura is the main character of the story. He is the child of the late Ashura-ou, who was the Guardian God of the tentei and Tenkai. After the whole Ashura clan got wiped out, they were considered cursed, especially Ashura, since the day of Ashura's birth was also the beginning of the Holy War. Ashura's mother, unfortunately, is the Queen B*tch Shashi, who tried to kill Ashura when he was just a baby, and only wanted to keep Ten-ou (Ashura's twin brother and son of Taishakuten). Ashura was sealed in Maya Forest, and 300 years later was freed by Yasha-ou.

Ashura seems extremely emotional for a little kid, but it's because of everything that's happened to him, like his own mother trying to kill him, and people calling him the cursed one and blaming him for the deaths of the ones who get killed by Taishakuten's men. And all the people of the Ashura clan have golden eyes and pointed ears, so it's not that hard for Taishakuten and his cronies to spot Ashura. But despite the "innocent kid" appearance, there is a dark side that lives within him, called the Black Ashura, who usually emerges when Ashura gets angry. He's the completely opposite of the "good" Ashura. He's evil and lives for death and destruction. I'm not going to tell you too much about him though! ^_^

Ashura is one of the Six Stars. His weapon is the Shurato, a sword that originally belonged to his father. Its sheath is Ashura's own body; he can make Shurato appear just by holding out his arm, palm open. Ashura is also skilled in Fire magic, which can get pretty destructive at times! >_< But usually for a good cause!

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