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Nishi's Artwork

Here's my page of art. I don't have much scanned, mostly because a lot of my drawings are just doodles on lined paper, and I'm trying to make this look good, not sloppy! All of my drawings are anime-style, of course. A lot of these are pictures of online role-playing characters of my friends, it's basically how I picture them. And you'll notice that I don't have any drawings of GUYS... well, that is because I really cannot draw guys! Every time I draw a guy, it ends up looking like a girl. So, I am not going to embarrass myself by putting up my drawings of girly-looking guys.

You will notice from my art, that I am extremely lazy when it comes to shading and coloring. These go from old to new (I think...) so the newer ones are near the bottom of the list.

"Di In A Dress"
Diamanthis McBare

Di is my friend's blonde, ditzy character who's married to a gay, red-haired elf. (Which reminds me, I need to find some time to draw a gay elf.) Di's personality is basically, Mihoshi with fighting skills and a touch of manliness. These are just sloppy sketches I made with a black ball-point pen. This how I picture her with a dress on (she never wears dresses) and looking girly. [May '98]

"Huh? Oh!"
Diamanthis McBare

Here's just a random sketch of Di looking dumb. ^_^; [Dec. '98]

Cloud & Aerith
"Cute Couple"
Cloud and Aerith of FFVII

I don't remember when I drew this, but it's pretty old. I love drawing SD (super-deformed) pictures, so here's one! I actually colored this picture too. I used Prismacolor color pencils, and the outline with a black pen.


Reese's character Reese (named after herself). The character Reese is a Witch with a short temper, but will do anything she can to protect those she loves. This pic took me only 3 minutes to draw, cause I was in the middle of RPing while I was doing it, which is why it looks sloppy. [July '98]


My buddy Setzer's girlfriend, also a friend to Ashura, Reese, and Drayke. She disappeared quite awhile ago, and I have no idea what happened to her. This is also a quick pen sketch.

Yui Kuno
"The Terminally Cute Priestess"
Yui Kuno

Sentaro's infamous cutesy character, Yui Kuno. She first showed up as a traveling priestess selling charms, and eventually became very close friends with the group. Di and Hawk adopted her as their daughter. She also became Corwin's little sister, and one of Tylaena's best friends. Yui is a extremely cheerful girl who looks about 10 years younger than her real age, and she literally attaches herself to anyone she likes. This is a picture of Yui in one of her cute stages, drawn in pencil and pen. [Dec. '98]

Yui Kuno
"Yui Kuno"
Yui Kuno

Here is a more mature look of Yui. It is actually just my version of a picture of Yui drawn by Miles, I basically just re-did Miles' sketch of Yui in my own style. [Dec. '98]

Queen Super
"Royal Spice"
Queen Super of URC

Queen Super, ruler of the United Royal Court / United Kingdom of Freed. She is calm and polite, but there are times when she would join the craziness of others. After all, she needs a break from her job once in awhile! I decided not to draw Super in extremely-queenly garb, but rather just a simple dress with a nice tiara to go with it. [Dec. '98]

Up in a tree
"The Living Battery"
Lulim (Lully)

Lully, my most interesting yet annoying character. She is a 16-year-old tomboy who is always loud, jumpy, and hyper. She annoys the hell out of everyone, but hey, she's pretty funny, okay? For this pic I used Prismacolor pencils, of course, and the background is done with a lame-ass paint program. [June '99]

Rinoa of FFVIII

Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy VIII, casting a spell. It looks very Utena-style (especially the hair!), cause I just watched that again awhile ago... I used my always-used black ball-point pen for the hair and practically everything else (I really hate drawing with pencils)... but then, I realized I had to use pencil anyway, for the shading of the dress. And I used a black marker for her shorts. [10/06/99]

Lulim (Lully)

Another picture I drew of Lully. That metal staff she's carrying, that's the thing she uses to whack people in the head with whenever someone pisses her off. Outlined in black pen and colored with my beloved Prismacolor pencils. [Nov. '99]

Vyrilla & Roland
Vyrilla and Roland

This is an SD picture of Vyrilla and Roland. They are a very cute, goody-goody couple who met in WinterHawk and now reside in Wildewoode. Roland wants to be Vyrilla's "hero", hence the title of this picture, heh heh. This one's done in black pen and pencils. [Nov. '99]

Vyrilla & Roland
Vyrilla and Roland

Vyrilla and Roland about to kiss! I don't know what made me draw this one, but I thought it'd be interesting. This one's black and white, done in black pen and pencils. [11/12/99]

Pig Killer
"Pig Killer"
Luca Blight, Seed, and Culgan of Suikoden II

A Suikoden II fanart... Okay, I'm not sick. I just thought it'd be funny if Luca Blight literally killed pigs, and this is what came to mind! (If you haven't played the game, you probably won't understand this picture.) This picture was outlined in black pen, and colored with markers, plus some minor editing with Corel Photopaint. [12/03/99]


Note: If you want to use any of my pictures on your website... well, not that they're that great anyway, but just IF... please ask me first!

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