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Dragonball Gallery

Hello, it's me again! You've just entered the place where I keep all my favorite Dragonball pictures. Dragonball is an interesting series, it would never be my favorite series, but nevertheless, it's interesting and funny. But I really hate how in the anime, every time there is a fight, the fighters stand there for so freaking long saying stuff like "Oh my god he's so strong!" or "I can feel the energy!" while they tremble with fear. HAHAHAHAHA!!! And I'm just sitting there thinking, "KICK HIS @$$ ALREADY!" I really like the characters though, most of them are cool, even the bad guys. My favorite villian is Majin Boo, he is so d@mn cute and funny, especially the fat one!

Well here, enjoy the pics, some might take long to download, but if you're an impatient person, it's not my fault. So there.